Online Services

To access any of the below on line services please ask at reception for an online ID and password.

You will also need to provide photographic ID at this point.


Patients can access our online appointments by clicking on the link below.


The majority of routine reviews can now be done by the Practice Nursing Team.

Please contact our Reception Team on (01904) 728243 and they will be able to organize an appointment for you.

The following conditions/medications require a GP review:
Depression (and anti-depressant medications)
Learning Disabilities
Mental Health
Rheumatoid arthritis

Repeat Prescriptions

Patients can access our online repeat medication requests by clicking on the link below.

With high levels of COVID-19 circulating in our local community and following risk assessment and with the support of the NHS Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board covid 19 infection prevention and control measures are to remain in place in our premises. When attending the surgery for an appointment or to collect a prescription please wear a face covering unless exempt and adhere to social distancing and hand hygiene. This is to help reduce the risk to staff, patients and to protect the NHS.


Patients can request their repeat medications providing the medication review date has not expired.

Online Access To Medical Records

In addition to being able to book appointments and order repeat prescriptions online, patients can now request access to view their Details Coded Record online.  A GP will review your request first to ensure there is not third party information in the record it may be some time before access if granted dependant on demand and GP work load.

Online Access for Patients Aged 15 and under

The parents of patients aged up to 11 can request proxy access for their children and the parent would then be able to order repeat prescriptions online and book appointments online for their child.  In order to prevent breach of confidentiality we do not allow parental access for children aged 11-15.  When a patient reaches the age of 16 they can request online access in the usual way.

Why we do not allow online access for parents on behalf of their 11-15 year old children

Respecting patient confidentiality is an essential part of good care.  This applies when the parent is a child or young person as well as when the patient is an adult.  Without the trust that confidentiality brings, children and young people might not seek medical care and advice, or they might not tell a Doctor all the facts needed to provide good care.  The same duties of confidentiality apply when using, sharing or disclosing information about children and young people as about adults.  Although someone with parental responsibility can seek access to a child’s medical records, if there is information given by the child or young person in confidence this would not normally be disclosed without their consent.  In giving those with parental responsibility online access to their children’s records there is a risk that we could breech the confidentiality of the child.  Therefore parents of children aged 11 years or more cannot currently have online access to their child’s records.