Our Services

Our Services


A comprehensive range of medications is held within the Dispensary. If, however, a requested item is not held in stock, an order can be placed. Most ordered items can be obtained within 24 hours.

For repeat prescriptions, please allow 3 working days before collection.

Private Prescriptions

We will provide prescriptions on a private basis.

Hospital Prescriptions

Any prescription issued by the hospital and brought to the Surgery will be assessed by a Doctor. If the Doctor agrees, they will issue a prescription in order that it can be dispensed from the Surgery. Please note, this service may not be immediate, although we endeavour to provide a responsive service, please allow up to 3 working days for a prescription to be issued.

Chronic Disease Monitoring

Our Practice Nurses provide Annual Reviews for long-term chronic diseases including:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Hypertension
  • Ischaemic Heart Disease (Angina, Heart Attack)
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Stroke
  • Asthma
  • Heart Failure
  • Chronic Kidney Disease

We encourage you to have an Annual Review with the Practice Nurse. At the time of booking, please ask whether you need a blood test prior to the appointment.

Travel Vaccinations

If you need vaccinations for overseas travel, please contact the Surgery and inform the receptionist of the following:

  • place of travel
  • date of travel
  • duration of travel
  • type of accommodation
  • type of area being visited

This information will be communicated to the Practice Nurses who provide you with the most up to date information regarding vaccinations. An appointment can then be arranged in order to perform the vaccination(s).

There will be a charge for private/travel vaccinations.

Minor injuries

If you sustain a minor injury you can access treatment from:

Selby War Memorial Hospital: Minor Injuries Unit – No appointment needed.
York District Hospital: Accident and Emergency Department

Practice Nurses at Escrick Surgery provide treatment for minor injuries, although this is a limited service. Please telephone the Surgery (01904 728243), if possible we will provide treatment. Depending on the nature of your injury, you may be asked to attend one of the above services.

Private / Non-NHS Services


We are happy to provide medicals for medical reports, insurance companies, HGV, passport photograph authorisation and other forms together with letters for fitness to travel etc.  A charge will be incurred for any non-NHS work.

Our changes are listed below.  If you require anything that is not listed please ask one of the receptionists.

April 2023

Insurance Examinations/Reports Charge Vat Total
Examination of report HGV Licence – registered patient 120.00 24.00 144.00
Examination with the report for PSV Licence – registered patient  120.00 24.00 144.00
Examination with the report for either of above – non-registered patient  145.00 29.00 174.00
Medical report mortgage protection and Life Insurance medical reports  100.00 100.00
Firearms Certificate 55.00   55.00
Pre-employment medicals (not in all cases vatable) 100.00 20.00 120.00
Blood tests – private (health-related not vatable and non-health related vatable)  35.00 7.00 42.00
Letters – fitness to travel  35.00 7.00 42.00
Power of attourney 50.00 50.00
To whom it may concern letters (not health related)  30.00 6.00 36.00
To whom it may concern letters (health-related)  30.00 30.00
Private Prescription – cost of drug + VAT + Admin Charge  10.00 10.00
Childminder (OFSTED)/Social Services Reports  97.00 19.40 116.40
Private Sick Notes  20.00 20.00
Private Medical Insurance forms  35.00 35.00
Passport signing/Driving Licence  25.00 25.00
Private prescription to be dispensed elsewhere  10.00 10.00
Private Consultation for the overseas visitor (10min appt with Doctor or Nurse)  50.00 50.00

The practice charges fees for services such as medical reports and completion of forms which are non-NHS   services.  This fee reflects a number of factors:

  • The administration staff time involved
  • The doctor time involved. This will often include reviewing of old notes, records and letters as well as any previous investigation
  • By completing such forms, the doctor assumes a medico-legal responsibility and potential liability for which the practice has to pay indemnity insurance


Patient ConfidentialityEscrick Surgery is now offering free Chlamydia Tests.Free Tests

We strongly embrace patient confidentiality and respect this as part of the ethos of Escrick Surgery.

Violent & Abusive Patients

Violent and/or abusive patients will not be tolerated. If a patient is deemed violent or abusive they will be asked to leave the practice premises immediately and informed of their requirement to find an alternative Practice with which to register.


If you feel you have a complaint and wish to inform the Practice, we encourage you to follow our Complaints Procedure.

A copy of this can be obtained from our Reception.


Any suggestions you would like to put to us, please do so in writing and leave it in the Suggestion Box provided in the Waiting room. We welcome alternative ideas that may improve the patient experience.